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Facilitating Movements


Today, in an age of empowered consumers, who are connected via social networks in an always on basis, smart marketers are realizing that finding ways to create or link to a broad movement can have greater longevity and impact than any campaign.

But how does one align a Brand with a movement in a way that is authentic and tonally correct ? Any over reaching or overt commercialization has the ability to create a movement against an advertiser for their heavy handedness.

An  effort by Nescafe in India that launched earlier this month on You Tube is a great example of  the nascent stages of what may become a powerful movement that the Brand facilitates and links to but does not necessarily own, since all movements are owned by the people who participate in it.

There are three key realities of linking to a movement  (Resonance, Fit and Relevance) that this effort illustrates

1. Resonate with an underlying truth: Today India and particularly the younger generation is moving from a country of day dreamers to dream builders. They are far less willing to accept the status quo or “karma” and far more willing to forge the future through self improvement and personal growth. The country is optimistic and forward looking and this effort links nicely to this reality.

2.  Brand Fit but in a supporting role: Tea in India is the social drink, while coffee today is  still primarily a beverage drunk alone. It is in some ways like a cigarette that one uses to relax and pick ones self up. It is a personal catalyst and an enhancer to self reflection.  This effort nicely inserts the brand in ways that still make the individual and their growth the star.

3. Personal Relevance  that allows viewers to see  themselves in the story: This is not the story about a stutterer but one about personal striving and overcoming challenges. This is a human agenda and one that viewers can engage with. They can not only share this very well produced effort with others but can begin to tell their own story.

Many Marketers believe creating movements are about leveraging technology and sharing platforms.

They are wrong because these need the advertiser to do the work.

What a movement needs is for the people to do the work.

The Brand sets up the scaffolding and platform but people own it and customize it and the Brand wins because it is linked to it.

In a world increasingly of self marketing where people market to themselves and to others facilitating movements can be very powerful. Something, Nestle may have begun to do with this initial ad that already has 4 million views.

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