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Six Current and Six Rapidly Expanding Trends Marketers Should Focus On

Image(Originally delivered at the Publicis Investor Conference in London on April 23, 2013)

It is clear to everyone today that six forces are driving the future. These are that the world is, and it will become more

a) Digital

b) Networked and connected

c) Mobile

d) Social ( we live in a people network age)

e) Driven by emerging markets

f) People powered as tech democratizes everything and empowers people

Now we are anticipating six key drivers of the future that build on the original six trends. And we are building our future strategy around these six new realities.

1. The future is not just increasingly digital but it is integrating with analog (Digital Leakage)

Mobile phones make place and people important. E commerce and regular commerce blend. Amazon has stores and Walmart goes digital. Alibaba in China is spans real world and digital world.  People remain filled with analog feelings in a digital world.  All this places a premium on those who can combine TQ (Tech Q), IQ and EQ (Emotion Quotient). Brands and stories will matter greatly  since in the end its about people and “we tell each other stories in order to live” (Joan Didion) and “we choose with our hearts and use numbers to justify what we just did” (Blaise Pascal).

2 .The future is less about marketing and more about facilitating self marketing

People use search and social, to learn and speak to each other about products and services. They self market using people’s networks like Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Yelp and much more. Clients must ensure that their Brands are easily accessible, responsive and broadly distributed in this world. Are you facilitating self marketing. In a transparent world authenticity is what matters. How can brands remain relevant and authentic?

3. Advertising will be less about messages and more about content curation, creation and distribution, and increasingly about  utilities and services.

Acts not just ads will be key. Brands increasingly will develop digital products and services such as Amex open forum and Nike Fuel Band.  Mobility, Participation and API’s (Application Protocol Interfaces) will allow new ways to tell stories, engage and deliver value to consumers. Experiences will rule.

4.The future of TV will be even more powerful, but, will be very different and come from the slime (IP TV) and be multi-glass.

Look at Amazon, You Tube, Netflix, Twitter (and their global equivalents) for where TV is going.  Look at the app ecosystem that consumers are getting used to on their phones and tablets as a new way to engage with TV’s.  Look at the 13 to 18 year olds who watch more Internet TV than broadcast TV to see future behaviors.  A world of on demand, multi glass (screens, devices like Google Glass and new wearable computing) , and full seasons released at one time. Glass will not just be connected to each other and to IP networks but to many of our devices like cars!

5. The future will be about more access and less ownership

Consumers increasingly want access to content (Spotify, Netflix etc.) or things (Zip car etc.) rather than just ownership. This will also be true in the world of big data. It will be how to access and combine rather than own the right data in real time to help deliver services and predict customer behavior. Finally. marketers will want to be both accessible and look to partners who can provide them with access to global partnerships and opportunities key

6.Marketing a huge growth category

This is a growth game and not a share game as empowered consumers call for empowered marketing. To grow in a networked world collaboration and friends rather than “frenemies” (you are or you are not pregnant…odd this “frenemy” thing)

The future world will not only make marketing more effective but will make brand-building story telling more compelling and to prepare for this huge growth we are aligning behind three pillars of a) Commerce+, where marketing is commerce and commerce is marketing, b) Next Generation Story Telling  which leverage mobility, participation and API’s and c) Content (Creation, distribution and measurement across glass which in some cases will be screens, in some cases will be glasses like Google Glass, and in some cases will be devices like new iWatches) .

The future of marketing will be bright. Now all of us marketers have to be bright enough in learning, re-inventing and collaborating to remain relevant and truly unleash this potential!

4 comments on “Six Current and Six Rapidly Expanding Trends Marketers Should Focus On

  1. mikerezac says:

    I am especially drawn to your statement about advertising being less about messages and more about content curation. It’s so true. it’s already happening.

  2. ReaderX says:

    Nice! A thorough round-up of popular forecasts widely shared for the past decade. Did you have any original thoughts or new insights to share? I’d be interested to discover what you bring to the ongoing discussion.

  3. Josh Denning says:

    A truly inspirational post and a future that looks exciting, bright and amazing. Where do you see things like SEO; and more traditional phone based marketing fitting into the new world if at all? This is the future I always imagined.

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