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Do Not Go Off Too Much In Either Direction

Change is hard.

Driving change is harder.

So hard that often people who drive change need to be fueled by an internal passion, a faith and a vision that almost no one else sees.

As I once heard from a blind mountain climber who scaled the Everest, ” Believing is Seeing”, vs what most folks otherwise say…seeing is believing. Usually, by the time everyone sees it is too late to be a leader, or capture exceptional economic benefits.

But when one is fueled by a passion and vision as many leaders are today in the swirling and changing media, communication and marketing landscape, one can often come off as hysterical, extreme and positively delusional.

A couple of years ago I read a piece in the New York Times about a couple in Iowa and in the article was a line that stuck with me, ” do not go off to much in either direction”.

As I follow the tweets, blogs, postings, conference summaries and much more in this exciting and time of transformation, I often find some of the smartest and most capable folks in the industry going off too much in extreme directions.

In order to make their point they berate and underestimate all other perspectives. I read the words “die”, “death”, “dinosaur”, “irrelevant” and other hysterics accompanied by bold fonts and multiple exclamation points !!!!!!!


The only person that is going to die is the writer and speaker (one day hopefully many many years from now…). Television will be fine. Print will evolve. Advertising will morph. Some industries will decline to a smaller but significant role and others will grow. Nobody will take over the world and nobody will disappear overnight. Change will come but many more than “change agents” will change. A balanced and nuanced perspective is far more likely to get decision makers to trust you with their future than to a pivot eyed, hysterical banshee.

When ever people take extreme views and go off in extreme directions it makes me wonder whether they have done their homework and why all the drama?

The force is with us.

That is all we need.
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One comment on “Do Not Go Off Too Much In Either Direction

  1. Karna says:

    Really good point @RishadT. Unfortunately, I fear many of the authors that make this “hysterical” and polarizing statements do so more for the “shock factor” that drives readership/tune in etc., rather than for the pure idea of fueling the change inbour industry.

    Perhaps the change agents are those of us who sift through the various highly dramatic views, to identify the true path forward, and then move our media industry towards that direction through our own actions. The “hysterical” authors, perhaps, are the catalysts that spark the debate.


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