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A Few Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

In a highly visual age we sometimes forget the power of words.

Arrayed in the right order, words can convey a perspective and point of view better than heaps of powerpoint slides and long speeches.

Here are a dozen of my word play inventions–sometimes referred to as rishadismns–that Clients and Colleagues found particularly compelling. ( I often also say stuff that make absolutely no sense and are downright stupid which certain folks in Denuo have archived and I have to pay a ransom for them not to broadcast!)

1. The future does not fit in the containers of the past.

2. The future comes from the slime.

3. The world is digital but people are analog.

4. People want God like power.

5. Marketing is now outsourced to the consumer. We are all now self marketing.

6. The age of facilitation of self marketing has begun. CMO’s may want to rename themselves Chief Faciliation Officers.

7. Data diarrhea

8. Data data everywhere. So much data I will sink. Data data everywhere. But who will help me think?(apologies to Samuel Taylor Coolridge)

9. Increasingly with all the math and processes, marketing is becoming plumbing. We are forgetting about the water that will run through these pipes. Too much plumbing. Not enough poetry.

10. People will not change their behavior unless they are incentivized to do so. ( Show me the incentives and I will predict the behaviour).

11. If you expect innovation for free your firm will be free of innovation.

12. Social media is broadcast word of mouth. Marketers must now program for the Peoples Network.

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2 comments on “A Few Words Are Worth A Thousand Pictures

  1. There’s nothing like a good Rishadism!

    One of my favorites is “The world may be digital but people are analog.”

    More “Vintage Rishad” in this post from ad:tech Chicago:

  2. paul wilson says:

    Fantastic, those remind me of a Steve Martin quote – some people have a way with words… others no have way.

    Often pictures can have a more immediate impact but words can have a more profound impact. It’s great to see someone talking about digital, data and poetry in the same place.

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