A Perspective On Time

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend three days with students at the University of Oregon as part of an Executives In Residence program.

In the course of the visit we got into a conversation about the preciousness of time.

To illustrate how little time all of us have I noted that assuming someone at my age of fifty, has twenty good years left, and that every ten weeks I was using up 1 percent of my remaining life.

In order to make this relevant to students, I reminded them that they had fifty years left and in the course of their four years of college they would be expending 8% of their time bank.

The room went quiet.

In order to determine how to spend our time and what to get agitated about and what to let be, it is always important to keep in mind that time is the only real currency we have and we should spend it well.

The present is rare so lets treat it that way.
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2 responses to “A Perspective On Time

  1. Beautifully, poetically stated. And sound career advice as well.

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