Why Pixar Is A Beacon

All of us adrift in a sea of change need stars to steer by and beacons and lighthouses to guide and shepherd us.

Pixar (now a part of Disney) is for me a template of an ideal company.

Here are some key tenets that I have taken away studying the company:

1. Focus: In a world of abundance it is important to be selective. Pixar focusses on developing one to two great movies a year. Thats it. When all of us have so many things calling for our attention, Pixar’s focus is important to keep in mind.

2. Excellence: Pixar does not have a Pixar and a Pixar lite. It has one level of quality which is pure excellence. Whether it be a movie or a short, Pixar takes no short cuts. It does not line extend its brand to grow in a dilutive way. How many company’s or marketing service providers can say they have  a single high quality of service and product for everybody.

3. Balancing Art and Science: Pixar movies are great not because of its amazing technology but also because of the wonderful characters, emotions and most important storytelling. In today’s world so many of us forget that it is combining art and science that makes the difference.

4. Culture of Collaboration: Pixar’s creative community is one where while there is a moving force behind each movie –the director– it is a team of folks who contribute. This is a culture of collaboration and risk taking  that is built to say “yes “and” lets try it “versus “no” and “it can not be done”.

Focus in a world of abundance and distraction, Excellence in a “good enough world”, Science that supports and feeds art and a culture that promotes creativity and collaboration. If we could do that in our companies we would have the track record of product, profits and passions of Pixar.
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One response to “Why Pixar Is A Beacon

  1. Amazing post. Short. Sweet. Dead on. Thanks for sharing!!! See you next week!

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